2018 Year In Review

How can 2018 be such a memory already? It was a year of change for Christie Josef & The Purpose.

The band started 2018 playing a fun set at Portland's venerable record store, Music Millennium in February.

They said goodbye to 2D Stropparo and supported her decision to pursue a separate music path in early 2018. 2D will always be beloved for her wonderful contribution to the band for over 4 years. Though she is missed, they are grateful for their time together and excited for her in her new music endeavors.

Besides, the Music Millennium gig, the band played several shows including performances at Mississippi Pizza, The Big Legrowlski, The Mission Theater, and a fun gig at the Rose Festival in late May.

Christie organized the 2nd Lisa Lepine Jeremy Wilson Foundation benefit, Dead Friends – The Songs Live On at The Mission Theater in October. So many of Portland's best musicians performed including, Alexa Wiley, Dan Haley, Jeremy Wilson, Steve Wilkinson, Lewi Longmire, Folkslinger, Josh Rivera, Kelly Brightwell, Janet Julian, Ky Burt, Darka & Miri, Adam East, Wonderly, and Christie Josef & The Purpose. A good time was had by all creating music magic, while supporting a great cause.

The band hit the recording studio in October to record the single, Who's Gonna Save Us Now, a song urging everyone to step up and vote. It was released just in time for the November 2018 mid-term elections and will be promoted as we move towards the 2020 elections.

2019 promises new songs with the band currently working on three new songs to play at their next performance to be announced soon.

Chloe Joy