Dead Friends - The Songs Live On

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Friday, October 26th - The Mission Theater

Portland musicians gather to “remember the dead” and raise money for charity with a “Day of the Dead” - themed concert of songs from dearly-departed Portland songwriters.

Portland, OR - A host of Portland musicians are gathering at the Mission Theater on Friday, October 26th at 8 pm to play songs written by their dead friends, to air them out, breathe life into them, and visit with them for 3 and a half minutes. In the spirit of the Day of The Dead, they will be celebrating the enduring legacy of their friends and cohorts in song. Expect music from such classic Portland artists as Brian Berg, Dave Carter, Teisha Helgesson, Jaime Leopold, Jimmy Boyer, Drew Norman, Dave Camp, Earl Benson and even a song from Townes VanZandt and more!

Performers include Alexa Wiley, Jeremy Wilson , Steve Wilkinson, Paul Brainard, Jim Brumberg, Lewi Longmire, Adam East, Kelly Brightwell, Dan Haley & Friends, Janet Julian, Ky Bert, Folksinger, Joshua Rivera, Darka and Miri, and Christie Josef & The Purpose.

The show is called Dead Friends - The Songs Live On.

The show will raise money for the Jeremy Wilson Foundation Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund. The Portland music scene’s Promotion Queen, Lisa Lepine was an inspiration to everyone she worked with and to everyone she ever encountered in her lifetime. It was one of her parting wishes to her friends, family, and fans that her name might live on in the same spirit in which she lived her life - to continually help, aid, and support others.

Before her untimely passing she was working with the JWF to establish the “Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund.” She wanted this special legacy fund earmarked to provide grants to JWF recipients who also want to enhance their recovery with additional healing practices and methods such as massage, reiki, acupuncture, and sound healing. I is the wish of her family and with the support of her friends that the Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund is established. With this benefit show, money is being raised to provide a tax-free way to distribute donations to musicians in need, in times of health crises.

Lisa was a creator and dear friend of our music community and that community is fulfilling her wish to continue in service (in the form of her JWF fund) in her absence.

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