$322.00 Donated to the Lisa Lepine Jeremy Wilson Foundation Alternative Medicine Fund

The Lisa Lepine JWF Benefit held on December 23, 2017 at Atlantis Lounge, Mississippi Pizza raised 322.00 in donations.

A heartwarming show of fantastic long-time Portland musicians keeping Lisa’s spirit brightly shining and bringing attention to the fund that Lisa created after she was diagnosed with cancer. Ed and The Boats featuring Dennis Kenny and Dan Haley, rocked the room, Miss V sharing her vocal prowess, Alexa Wiley serenading our souls with her smooth eloquence, Kelly Brightwell mesmerizing with her skillfully crafted songs, Janet Julian wowing with her What Would Lisa Lepine Do song co-written (platonically!) with Dan Haley, and my brilliant band, The Purpose, together because of Lisa.

We are already beginning work for next year’s Benefit with plans to hold it in September around Lisa’s birthday, move it to a larger venue, and invite some additional special guests!

Chloe Joy